Look Younger Without Going Under the Knife


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If Botox, collagen injections or plastic surgery aren’t on your top list of to-do’s to help yourself look younger, read on. You don’t need to take extreme measures to reveal a more vibrant you because there are many simple and natural ways to refresh your appearance and help you look younger.

One of the first things I recommend is to put your money where your mouth is, literally. Fix your smile. A recent national survey conducted by Roper Public Affairs found that more than six in 10 Americans (62 percent) believe straightening crooked teeth can make an adult look younger and 77 percent agree that doing so is one of the best investments a person can make in improving one’s appearance.

Don’t just focus on your face to look younger. Think about your body, too. There are many inexpensive and fun things you can do to your body to look younger and feel your best. Some of my top tips include:

* Wear brighter colors. Adding color to your wardrobe makes you look happier and feel more alive. Let everyone else wear depressing black to the reunion.

* Stand up straight. You’ll instantly have a better body.

* Work magic with body slimmers. These undergarments make you look thinner in a matter of moments.

* Mess around at the makeup counter. Have fun at the make up counter. Get makeovers and advice. Take pictures of yourself to see what looks best.

My final advice is to just be honest and accepting about who you are because people can see shame in your game. And most importantly, make sure any investment you make is the best one for you.

What You Need to Know About Cellulite


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Cellulite is not a medical term. However, medical professionals agree that it is a buildup of common fatty tissue. The skin is connected by strands of fibrous tissues to deeper tissue layers, which separates the fat cell compartments. The increase in the size of fat cells is accompanied by a waffled appearance of the skin that results in the bulging of the fat cell compartments.

The term cellulite originated in European spas and salons and they explain it as deposits of tiny fat globules on the buttocks and thighs. Cellulite is a buildup of lumpy, thick, irregular fat deposits with an orange peel appearance. The most common areas are around the buttocks, hips, and thighs, and is not necessarily a factor of body weight. You do not have to be heavy to have cellulite. Nevertheless, it is possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Speedy metabolism and detoxification in the body help in gradual elimination of cellulite. A healthy metabolism is capable of eradicating cellulite forever. The proper functioning of the liver is also necessary for detoxification.

Bio-ceramic additive reflects your body’s own infrared rays, which help to break down cellulite cells and revitalize tissue. Increased heat and molecular stimulation enhances the effectiveness of exercise, increases blood flow, and accelerates metabolism to burn more calories.

Women who are concerned about cellulite can take certain steps to reduce the appearance or eliminate it altogether. Eating a well balance diet that is low in fat will help to reduce and eliminate further progression. Exercise is also an important factor; if the body is toned, it results in good circulation, thus another step in reducing cellulite. In addition, drinking plenty of water has many health benefits and will aid in fighting cellulite.

Genetics and hormones may also play a factor in whether you develop cellulite. While there is not much we can do about genetics and hormones, eating a healthy diet and exercise has proven to reduce and even avoid cellulite.

Injectables for Wrinkles


Women (and men, too), have been searching for a “cure” for wrinkles for several centuries. The search started long before the FDA approved using Botox injections between the eyes for wrinkle reduction in 2002. Men and women are still searching for that magic wrinkle cure. Botox is as close to being the magic fountain of youth in a syringe as we’ve ever gotten and it surely helps. The problem is that Botox injections are expensive, and the effects don’t last very long. There are alternatives.

Serums have been developed that contain plant extract and animal oil for the purpose of prolonging the effects of Botox injections. Two of the most popular of these serums are emu oil and tea extractions. These serums don’t exactly replace Botox, but they do make the injection remain effective for a longer period of time.

Two other injectable wrinkle reduction substances that are in use today are:

Collagen: Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in the body, but we lose it as we age. A series of collagen injections are used by doctors to raise the area being treated and smooth wrinkles and creases. Collagen injections are given using a very fine needle. A local anesthetic is usually mixed with the collagen, but it is rare for a patient to require additional pain medication.

There is a possibility of an allergic reaction to collagen injections in people who are allergic to beef or beef products, and these people should not receive collagen injections. The positive visual results of collagen injections usually last about six months.

Restylane: Restylane is the newest wrinkle filler on the market. Restylane is derived from hyaluronic acid, the same as collagen, but it is not animal-based, so there is rarely an allergic concern.

Restylane has unique uses other than wrinkle reduction. It can be used to fill in wrinkles and creases in the face, and restylane can also be used to augment the chin, the cheekbones, and the bridge of the nose. Positive visual effects of restylane can last up to a year.

A Few Facts You Need to Learn About Microdermabrasion


In your search for more knowledge as well wanting to learn more about microdermabrasion, you will come across many new terms such as microdermabrasion, home microdermabrasion kits, microdermabrasion units and it will leave you wondering just what it is all about. You need not worry too much as it hardly takes a jiffy to learn about microdermabrasion and thus reap the benefits from this great means of treating the skin and removing unwanted scars, stretch marks and more.

A Technique to reverse effects of aging and unwanted skin conditions

To begin with, you will learn about microdermabrasion that it is basically a technique that reverses the effects of aging on the skin and thus improves the surface looks of the skin combating effectively things like sun damage and acne scars. It is a process that will repair the facial skin in the main and is also effective in most other parts of the body as well. And, like laser treatments, this procedure also requires more than a single sitting.

You will also learn about microdermabrasion the method by which it functions. At its very center is the sandjet or sandblaster that emits very finely ground sand particles onto the skin’s surface in gentle wave which helps to rub away all the dead cells on the skin’s surface. There is no pain felt by the patients and is thus performed on anyone having normal skin composition and who do not have pigmentation abnormalities.

Everybody is taken up with looking more beautiful and the search for means to achieve these goals continues forever. The latest result in this search for beauty is microdermabrasion, which is more efficient than any previously known method and which, as you will learn more about microdermabrasion, is not only readily available, but is also very affordable, which is why it is so popular.

Another useful piece of information you should learn about microdermabrasion is about the type of crystals used to eliminate abnormalities from the surface of the skin. It is normal to use a form of aluminum oxide as the abrading material and it is thus necessary, before starting the microdermabrasion process, to ensure that the aluminum oxide is as pure as possible and it should not contain any unwanted particles such as silica. Most often, a process of purification is needed that will melt as well as re-crystallize the native aluminum oxide to keep it in as pure a form as possible.

Though you may not have any bad biological reactions if you inhale these crystals, if such matter were to enter the lungs it could adversely affect your breathing as well as cause irritation to the nose and also make you start to cough. It is thus imperative before undergoing microdermabrasion to cover the nostrils as well as eyes.

With these facts in mind, you will have learnt enough about microdermabrasion so that your experience with this wonderful process will be effective as well as fruitful and without any bad effects.

Tips for Women to Appear More Younger and Beautiful


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As you probably know, beauty is anything but basic. There’s an element of mystery, even “acting” about it. Here are my top 5 beauty secrets for Women in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond:

1. Tell yourself you’re beautiful

and keep telling yourself until you believe it! Humans not only perceive, but are also influenced by, each other’s feelings. If people sense your self-hatred, there’s a good chance they’ll see you the way you subconsciously tell them to see you.

2. Rethink your foundation

Literally nothing ages you as quickly as the wrong foundation. Wearing a shade that is too pale, too pink, too orange, too dark too anything, really can actually exaggerate the scars, blemishes and spots you are trying to hide. Plus, the wrong color can make you look lifeless, while simultaneously accentuating wrinkles and furrows. Head for a cosmetics counter such as Prescriptives, or Becca, which specialize in finding the perfect shade and formula for your skin. This isn’t a splurge, it’s a necessity.

3. Stand up straight!

Slouching sends the subconscious message that you are trying to hide. People won’t see you as a great beauty if it appears you’d rather not be noticed. Further, slouching alters your gorgeous body and makes it look misshaped and lumpy. Stand up straight and your clothing will hang better, you’ll look thinner, and people will treat you with more respect. Try it and see! (Your mother will be so happy!)

4. Don’t wear eye makeup near your lower lashes

Mascara on your lower lashes can smudge into the surrounding skin, making the eyes look smaller, creating the appearance of undereye circles or bags, and giving eyes a fatigued look. So can eyeliner worn on your lower lids. Instead, concentrate on loading upper lashes with mascara. If you use liner, concentrate on the upper lid only.

5. Don’t fidget

Beauty is about self-assuredness and poise. Fidgeting makes you appear flighty and nervous. It typically takes 21 days to break a habit. If you’re a wiggler, make a conscious effort to reduce squirming for three weeks and see what happens.

Throughout history there have been beauties who could have been deemed too unusual, too plain, too ugly, too something to be beautiful. Yet these smart ladies have ignored what society says is beautiful. They realize that to stand apart they must celebrate their own unique looks. In other words, make yourself beautiful and you’ll be seen as beautiful.