Thinning Hair Is Not a Hair Color


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Thinning hair
is increasingly becoming one of the biggest cosmetic issues for men and women around the world. Treatment is not necessary if you are comfortable with your appearance. If hair loss causes you anxiety and negatively affects your self-image, treatment can be beneficial. Organic shampoos only contain all-natural ingredients, which means that it will not contain any harsh chemicals that can significantly damage your hair.

It may be much more expensive, but you will see that if hair care is what you want, organic shampoos are much better as it is gentle to your scalp and hair. However, there are alternative shampoos that can keep your hair clean and smelling nice, such as organic shampoos, they contain essential amino acids and natural organic extracts that help promote thicker hair for men and/or women who are experiencing thinning hair.

Women consider hair as one of the most important aspects of their beauty. An estimated 30 million American women have a genetic predisposition
to hair loss and balding. Women develop hair loss as frequently as men do, but because of hormonal differences, women don’t lose as much hair volume.

Women must learn at an early age to take care of their hair and understand what it takes to have healthy hair. Women frequently have hair loss due
to an iron deficiency, especially if they regularly skip meals or have heavy periods.

A medication approved to treat women in the US is topical minoxidil; the 2% preparation recommended for women is available over the counter. When it comes to stopping or reversing baldness, the natural, organic active ingredients in Biofactors Shampoo, Conditioner, and Extract are the best.

Biofactors’ products are among the few to face clinical studies and emerge with scientific proof of success in overcoming hair loss and baldness by
neutralizing DHT through the use of natural Saw Palmetto (also known as Serenoa Serrulata). Because one of the powerful, active ingredients in Nisim Biofactors is natural Saw Palmetto, you are treating your hair with the safest products.

In the case of hair loss or thinning hair, use exosomes therapy. It's applied in two ways: the first, is by creating a serum that is injected the same way as in blood treatment, with a filtration, manufacturing, and isolation of the exosomes, and the serum can be enriched with other growth factors. The second way, is with a micro-needling technique, puncturing the person´s scalp and thus improving the retention and efficacy of the treatment. Micro-needling is gaining more relevance as time passes by, and it is considered as a minimally invasive hair regeneration treatment with very good results.

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Exosomes: the Next Step on Stem Cell Research


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Exosomes are protein building blocks that mediate between cells, with functions that are independent of cells themselves. They help stem cells to communicate, transferring biological data from one cell to another.

It is traditionally known that cells communicate via single proteins and molecules, but exosomes represent a novel way to see it. The transmission of biological information, in the case of exosomes, is made within a particle structure. Therefore, exosomes are a fundamental part of the cell to cell communication and research about them improve possibilities for their use in regenerative medicine dramatically.

Knowledge about exosomes has the possibility to make facial rejuvenation, joint regeneration, and even organs regeneration take a giant step ahead. Restoring organic matter this way looks much more promising than it was before. Of course, hair loss is also a field that increases its potential, thanks to exosomes.

In the case of hair loss or thinning hair, exosomes are applied in two ways: the first is by creating a serum that is injected the same way as in blood treatment, with a filtration, manufacturing, and isolation of the exosomes, and the serum can be enriched with other growth factors. The second way is with a micro-needling technique, puncturing the person´s scalp and thus improving the retention and efficacy of the treatment. Micro-needling is gaining more relevance as time passes by, and it is considered as a minimally invasive hair regeneration treatment with very good results.

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Whats is Hormonal Hair Loss? Can It Be Controlled?


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People lose hair for various reasons. Illness and medication, like chemotherapy to treat cancer, can cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be inherited from a parent. Often, hair thins because it is fine-textured, or because too many harsh chemicals have been used on it, so it breaks easily.

What if I have hormonal hair loss?

Typical female baldness begins with a generalized thinning of the whole scalp. Contrary to male pattern baldness is that no receding hairlines or hair loss on the crown takes place.

A generalized thinning of the hair occurs. It is seldom that a man displays the same type of hair loss pattern as a woman

The thickened hair root prevents the hair bulb from returning back to its place in the skin. Because of this, new hair will be produced, but will not be able to settle. The growth phase will then be disrupted and the hair bulb will continuously produce new hair, which, instead of lasting the normal five years, will only become a few weeks or months old. Now you have constant hair loss!

Personally, I prefer products by L’Oreal, such as Excellence. It’s easy on the hair. It never made my hair feel any thinner and adding some auburn highlights to my brown hair always makes me feel like a new person. Because my hair is fine, I never use the enclosed conditioners with hair color products.

Hair conditioners often make fine hair feel thinner and unmanageable. On the other hand, if you do want to use some conditioner, use only a fraction of what’s recommended! And never use conditioners on your scalp, just put some at the hair ends.

While we’re feeling the way we do during the menopausal years, I think it’s important to try anything to help ourselves feel and look better.

Now that you know a little more about what are the causes of hair loss, we urge you to find out more about how hair loss or hair thinning can be prevented! Yes, it is true, there are many effective products on the market right now which has been proven to be truly effective in reversing thinning hair problems! Come! Find out more!

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Selecting Microdermabrasion In Houston, Texas


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Microdermabrasion is a popular procedure that removes the outer layers of skin, which is composed of dead cells, allowing newer layers to show through. As a technique, microdermabrasion shows great results in reducing the appearance of minor scars and wrinkles, smoothing out the skin and resulting in a more youthful look. For those of you looking for microdermabrasion in Houston, Texas, what follows is a guide that will help you know what to expect from different sources of microdermabrasion by providing examples of local businesses.


In some cases, microdermabrasion in Houston, Texas is performed by physicians, they use aluminum oxide crystals to perform his microdermabrasion, which is handled on an outpatient basis and requires no anesthesia, which is typical of microdermabrasion procedures. Like many physicians’ offices, the price for this procedure is not listed; you will have to make an appointment to have a treatment suggested.

One question you will want to ask if seeking out microdermabrasion in Houston, Texas through a physician is whether or not the machine is medical-strength microdermabrasion. If the machine is not, then you may as well search out a spa instead, which will require no office visit to get a diagnosis and will generally list their prices upfront, so you know what you will need to pay. Since microdermabrasion in Houston, Texas, or anywhere else is not generally covered by health insurance, there is no distinct advantage to a physician for an average microdermabrasion treatment.


The alternative to going to a physician in Houston, Texas, for microdermabrasion is to hit a spa instead. For instance, RD Laser Skin Solutions in Houston, TX. offers microdermabrasion using aluminum oxide crystals, just as the physician’s office did. Both promise short treatments, lasting about an hour, and both promise to remove wrinkles and other fine lines. However, RD laser Skin Solutions lists the price for one treatment, including Micro-needling for the face with Microdermabrasion for $150, upfront, unlike the physician’s office. In addition to the single treatment, the spa offers Microdermabrasion + Facial cleaning and Facial Mask for face only $70, which further allows someone to plan out a whole set of treatments for long-term care.

As long as you are not searching for medical-strength microdermabrasion, then, your best choice for microdermabrasion in Houston, Texas is through the spas, which list their prices upfront and don’t require an initial diagnosis. If you do go to a physician, make sure that they plan to use a medical-strength machine, since you will pay extra for the cost of a physician. But ultimately, whichever you choose, microdermabrasion can be the path to smoother, younger-looking skin!

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What is Effective Cellulite Treatment?


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First off let me start by saying, no one is cellulite-free. We all have a certain amount of cellulite underneath our skin. Of course, some do have more than others, but it’s a natural thing for us to have some. In a nutshell, cellulite is simply fat deposits held in pockets just below the skin. The form of lipids (fats) below the skin isn’t much different then those found elsewhere in the body, however, it’s because they are close to the skin surface that they cause the negative appearance.

So what can you do about cellulite?

An exercise is a viable option for many. Partaking in cardio activities several times a week will help burn fat, and tone the leg muscles. While this method will work for many, often sometimes some women need more than just exercise to help rid themselves of cellulite.

Next on the list is the numerous medical procedures we can have done. From liposuction, to vacuum and roller techniques some of these processes can be effective, however painful, costly, and have some nasty side effects. For some people, this is the only avenue they evaluate for treating cellulite, but they’re skipping over what really should be the first attack on cellulite.

Cellulite treatment products

With our aging population, cellulite treatment has been receiving more and more attention from cosmetic and supplement manufacturers. Our population is becoming more affluent, and therefore looking for more alternatives then just surgery and exercise to solve cosmetic issues such as cellulite. Hence there has been a dawn of a range of cellulite treatment products.

While like anything new some of these cellulite treatment products work better than others. It’s important to do your homework prior to trying one out. While there is minimal if any side effects it’s still important to not waste your time on something that isn’t going to provide you with results.

The majority of these cellulite treatment products composed of natural ingredients. Most work on a basis of shrinking the cellulite molecules or using some sort of ingredient to speed up the burning of fat. Both of these methods work well and take next to no time on your part to apply the product. For those of us that don’t have the spare time in our hectic schedules to exercise several times a week, or drastically change our lifestyles, an cellulite treatment product is the best option for ridding ourselves of that pesky cellulite problem.

Try Ultrasonic cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is very similar to liposuction and a tummy tuck as it safely (no damage to the vascular system), removes and prevents recurring cellulite in the treated areas. Cavitation RF acts on localized fat deposits and it can even be applied to the most difficult and stubborn deposits of cellulite.

Ultrasonic Cavitation creates lipolysis of fatty acids from the fat cell membrane or adipocytes by the process of stable cavitation and increases cell penetration of the adipocytes. There is an increase in triglyceride flow and the destruction of the fibers. Since the liver metabolizes a part of the adipocytes and expels it in the urine, it is necessary to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment.

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