This machine has the lastest tecnology and has been designed to help you look younger and to address weight loss and body shaping along with anti-aging capabilities.

40K Cavitation(Ultrasonic) Function: This function sends powerful schock waves and penetrates into the fat cells breaking up the fat cells and allowing them to disperse.

Radio Frequency Vacuum & Bipolar Function: for body and face reshaping with weight loss capabilities, this function will promote tissue metabolism and repel cellulite.

Body RF Function: This function will dissolve fat, expedite lymphatic drainage and firm the skin and enhance skin elasticity.

Face Radio frequency : helps eliminate facial wrinkles and tightening and lifting of the skin.

Tripolar Radio Frequency: Also referred to as high frequency AC change that allows high-frequency currents of more than 10,0000 times a second to help eliminate wrinkles and tighten loose skin.

Features & Functions
1. The entire process is completed without the need of surgery or anesthesia.
2. Does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin.
3. Does not cause the bleeding, swelling or blood stasis.
4. No side effects or the risk of gaining the weight back (Rebound Effect), the results will become very obvious within a few treatments.
5. Non-invasive treatment, no downtime.
6. Firms the arms,legs, buttocks, waist, back area,abdominal muscles and contouring the body.
7. Improve and treat the orange peel like fatty tissues of different levels with the effects of soothing, decompression and pain relief ( such as joint pain, Sciatica), promotes the regular aerobic exercise of skin tissue, rapidly relieve stress and remove fatigue.
8. Firming and lift and compact the skin and rejuvenates the face. Also creates circulation and activate cells, promotes metabolism thus producing more collagen and elastic fibers for improving the facial and body skin.

Also other benefits are enhance blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat, removes toxic waste and this enhances the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improve the state of areolar tissue, remove and removing stubborn fat.
These treatments will allow the removal of stubborn fat with the strong wave of 40,000HZ that is emitted to human body for impacting the fat cells and causing friction between fat cells. This can cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells thus reducing the size of fat cells.

Body Vacuum RF probe is for body and face re-shaping. Weight loss vacuum and RF fat-explosion technology can promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite, which make fat granule in different depths and shocking allowing fusion energy and the deepest receptor can get granule in 3CM thick of skin and rapid expansion and the rapid heating of the cell wall that exceed the elastic limits and arises to break cells so that the combustion of fatty acids at the same time and not only the burning consumption of fatty acids but also more directly reducing so it will rapidly reduce the size of the granule.

Facial wrinkle elimination, tightening and lifting Facial RF head a capacitive coupling electrode is used for transmitting radio-wave energy and generating an electric field for entering into subcutaneous tissue through the skin surface. In the frequency of 450Khz, this electric field changes its polaruty at a rate of 450,000 times per second.To reply to the rapid change in electrode, directions of electrical particles the skin are also changed. by this time, natural electric resistance in the subcutaneous tissue moves and generates heat energy.

As the papillary dermis collagen may immediately shrink when the temperature is within the range from 60 to 70 Celsius (140 to 158 degrees), after this wrinkle treatment, client may immediately sense the skin tightening effects as it is being lifted and firmed. When Collagen is produced continuously, thickness and density of the skin papillary dermis may be increased to remove wrinkles, helps to eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and healthy glow and make it be refreshed and smooth. While collagen is increased, fresh skin is then generated and wrinkles are removed.

Tips for better results and a healthy.
It is very important to understand that with any technology or weight loss program to understand how our body works and what to avoid when doing these treatments fro the best results. Great results are easier obtained when following a sensible diet, exercising and treating these treatments no different that other methods of removing toxins from our body or a deep tissue massage.
Here are a few tips to help the process along and to see even better results:

1. Drink at least 64 ounces of (warm water is preferred) every day, the day of the treatment drink as much water as you can (up to a gallon) to remove the toxins faster. ( adding lemon with your water also helps with the weight loss and energy).
2. Eat a sensible diet avoided unnecessary fatty foods and eat more fruit and vegetables.

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