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The newest non-surgical FAT MELTING DEVICE for all patients

Painless Therapy

The Vanquish is the IDEAL nonsurgical and painless therapy to lose your love handles, flatten your stomach, lose the back fat, and/or reshape your thighs or upper arms.


Providing a clinically proven and safe treatment option without touching the patient’s skin, the breakthrough technology of BTL Vanquish surpasses earlier treatment options that require uncomfortable suction or painful pulses.


The BTL Vanquish provides optimal aesthetic results across the entire abdominal area with maximum safety and comfort without surgery or downtime.


Full results are achieved in 4 to 6 weeks spaced about one week apart with continuous improvements seen over the next month or so.

Get a contoured body

Our Fat Melting Laser will give you the contoured body of your dreams by killing the fat cells with NO PAIN and NO DOWNTIME!