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You’ve had bariatric surgery for weight loss and you look fabulous because you feel healthier, can live a more active lifestyle, and wear more modern clothes. But you are noticing that your skin seems so dry! If you’ve had a problem with acne or oily skin before, then you’re elated that your skin has cleared up and is less oily. But for those who started out with normal to dry skin, this new extra-dry skin presents a problem, perhaps even annoyance with itching and flaking.

The development of dry skin after surgery can become a problem for many people after surgery. Not having enough fluids is probably the biggest culprit, but not the only one. Acne and oily skin often come as a result of certain foods; and since a bariatric patient has basically eliminated fatty, fried, and greasy foods, the acne or oily skin disappears. This is good news for someone who has struggled with acne or oily skin for years. But for those who fall into the normal-to-dry skin category before surgery, the increased dryness can be irritating.

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It is a breathing and functional covering of our body that contains our skeleton, muscles, and vital organs in one clean and safe package. Our skin sweats absorb, feel the sensations, and also protect everything inside. It is important that we take care of it so that it can continue to function in the best possible way for us.

Hand and body lotions are the easiest remedies offering a wide range from simple basics to vitamin-enriched formulas. It’s wise to experiment with small test samples of these products to find out what works best to soothe problem skin. Buy as few as possible at first, so if you don’t like a product because of the design, you won’t spend so much money on something you won’t use again. And when you find the product that works best for you, remember where you bought it so you can buy more, because you’ll buy more when you use your favorite hand or body lotion every day. The hand lotion will be used several times a day, probably every time you wash your hands; so take some hand lotion with you in your bag. Washing your hands really dries out your skin since soap and tap water are harsh. Your hands can be clean.

Along with daily applications of hand and body lotion, I recommend using bath salts at least twice a week. A good soak in bath salts will give dry skin the extra treatment it needs. Bath salts soften the tap water in the bathroom for the skin, while the skin absorbs the softness of the salts, just like clothes absorb fabric softeners. If you swim a lot in chlorinated pools, your skin will really thank you after taking a good shower of bath salts. Bath salts provide a long-lasting effect and make the skin feel fresh. Bath salts come in loose crystals or solid forms that dissolve in warm water. I prefer crystals because this allows you to control how much you want to use per bath, whether it’s a lot or a little.

Don’t forget the lips! They are also suffering from dryness after surgery! Use a good moisture-rich product. For troubled lips that need instant help, try a medicated lip balm that has special healing medications that work right away to stop chapping and burning. Lip balm should be used during all seasons, as cold, heat, wind, and sun are not kind to unprotected lips.

When shopping for sunscreens for outdoor activities, select a product that not only offers you effective sunblock but also offers moisturizing creams.

If you have never cared for or pampered your skin before surgery, you should start afterward. You will find that you are experiencing more “heartwarming” encounters than ever before because people want to embrace you with a congratulatory hug while telling you how happy they are to you. Make it a “softer” experience for everyone involved, while drenching your skin with great skincare products.

Skincare is something that should become a part of your daily routine as well as getting enough fluids after surgery. If you do, your skin will feel healthier, look more radiant, and you’ll probably lose its appearance for a few years, too. Continue to amaze others, not only in your weight loss achievements but also in your overall healthy appearance. Remember those hugs that come!

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