Pink Intimate System

Our Intimate System brightens darkened skin in your intimate areas. It’s a quick, safe procedure performed in-office

Pink Intimate System from Italy

Have you ever wished you were a little more aesthetically pleasing in your intimate areas, but have drawn the line at going under the knife? Consider the Pink Intimate System from Italy. It’s the perfect non-invasive solution to achieving a firmer, whiter, more rejuvenated vagina. RD Skin Solutions is now offering this unique European treatment, and we invite you to learn if it’s right for you during a consultation with our team.

What Is The Pink Intimate System From Italy?

The Pink Intimate System was developed by the renowned Italian medical research center Promoitalia. The first of its kind, the Pink Intimate System lifts, rejuvenates, and whitens private areas, leaving you looking and feeling amazing.

How Does It Work?

The Pink Intimate System from Italy is a non-invasive peel. It uses active ingredients to whiten and tighten the vulvar region, and bio-stimulating and nutrient factors that reactivate the regeneration process.

The Advantages Of The Pink Intimate System

Whiter Intimate Areas – Enjoy whiter skin on your sensitive areas.
Feel Better – You may feel more secure in your own skin.
Improve Your Sex Life – Feeling more self-assured in your body leads to more confidence, and therefore, more enjoyment in the bedroom.
Firmer Skin – The Pink Intimate System from Italy tones and firms, rejuvenating your intimate areas.
Non-Invasive – Enjoy a non-invasive treatment with great results.
No Special Precautions – A fast and gentle procedure, the Pink Intimate System from Italy requires no special precautions.
Rejuvenates The Vulva – With age, our bodies generally aren’t what they used to be. The Pink Intimate System not only whitens but also rejuvenates, leaving you feeling younger and invigorated.

Areas That Can Be Treated

Mons Venus – The mons Venus (or, mons pubis) is the mound of flesh above the pubic area.
Labia Majora – The labia majora is the Latin name for the outer folds of skin that are situated on the vaginal opening.
Perianal Region – The perianal region is the area around the anus. This can be whitened with the Pink Intimate System from Italy.
Inguinal Region – The Inguinal region is the area of the crotch. This can also be whitened with the Pink Intimate System.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of the Pink Intimate treatment depends on the size and the area to be treated. Depending on the application areas, they can be small, medium, large, or extra-large areas.

Learn More about the Pink Intimate System From Italy

The Pink Intimate System from Italy will leave you feeling revitalized and self-assured, and all without having to undergo surgery. It is the best of both worlds, and as women, there’s nothing quite like feeling our best. Schedule your consultation with our team to learn more about treatment options to help you look and feel your best!

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