Vanquish-me: The Best Treatment against Fat Accumulations

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Fat usually get accumulated in certain places. The abdomen, of course, is the classic complain we all have, and the neck, the arms, the cheeks, the buttocks, the thighs, the hips and the legs are other places in which fat accumulation can case health problems and undesired aesthetic consequences.

The most invasive and severe treatment against it is liposuction, but there is another that is non-invasive and non-contact. We are referring to Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy), which consists of heating adipose tissue with no affectio n of the other tissues located around the area being treated. It works by the action of a device that delivers energy on the adpiose tissue, maintaining homogenoeous heating on it and, as fat cells have lower conductivity than skin and muscles, adipocytes (fat cells) are the only ones affected by the heat, becoming apoptotic (they get elliminated).

The patient is not touched by the device. He/she is comfortably positioned and receives 45 minutes of heat on areas such as the belly and love handles, while thighs are treatened for half an hour. The side effects are some redness, warmth and tenderness in the areas treated, but none of them lasts more tan a few days. It is a totally safe and comfortable treatment, with visible results.

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