The Truth behind Intimate Area Whitening

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The human being always looked for perfection in the body, at least for the Romans it was like that. Today there is a special interest in keeping certain areas of the body in their best presentation. Due to aesthetic factors, some parts of the body could embarrass the human being in our current consumer society. Do you think topics like anal bleaching, penis bleaching, nipple bleaching were relevant years ago?

Let’s take a closer look at the subject of intimate whitening and understand the subject a little better.

Where does this idea come from?

Just like in the world of entertainment, American celebrities are setting trends, and at times they are becoming more and more intimate. Until the Kardashians brought up the issue, hardly any woman had ever looked at her vagina in the mirror. It is different with men, but most have lived with this defect in the past. Now everything seems to have changed and that taboo for the color or appearance of the vagina or other intimate areas.

Why do intimate areas darken?

Skin color is controlled by so-called melanocytes (pigment-forming cells in the skin and hair). Hormones like testosterone and estrogen regulate the activity of melanin.

With the onset of puberty, estrogen increases in women and testosterone in men. These hormones can darken the pigments in the genital area. Over the years, hormonal changes caused by the use of birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause can also alter the color of the skin.

Another influencing factor is clothing and sports, as friction in the skin areas causes the skin to thicken, resulting in a dark coloration.

Why do women and men bleach their sexual organs?

There are several reasons why people bleach their delicate intimate areas:

Self-confidence: For many people, a good appearance leads to a more positive appearance and therefore better sexuality. For some women, dark lips actually lead to embarrassing sex where they don’t feel completely safe.

Enhanced Hygiene Feeling – A ring of dark skin, especially around the anus, is perceived by many as unhygienic and only anal bleaching or penis bleaching can help a clean sensation.

If a lighted intimate area results in great sex, then it makes sense to continue discussing the topic below.

How can the sensitive intimate area be lightened?

Do not use tinctures of lemon juice, chlorinated almond cream. The intimate flora is very sensitive. Results with these home methods are not guaranteed and may appear uneven and may cause burning and discomfort. You can end up with a strange and unnaturally discolored vagina or a penis that could embarrass you even more.

CAREFUL! Definitely do not use these home remedies, go to a professional in skin treatments?

Whiten intimate areas with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide? Please don’t even try! The vaginal flora is a very structured system, in whose environment the least possible interference should be taken, so that important functions are not altered and to be able to maintain your health.

If you want to lighten the nipples, the anus, and the vagina, you should always use a dermatologically tested whitening cream, especially for the genital area.

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