Skincare for Quarantine Days

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Coronavirus is with us and staying home is the best way to avoid it and keep health services available for as many people as possible. The incubation period is 14 days, so it is really important to keep that time of quarantine after the last time you visited public places. But staying home does not mean neglecting your skincare. As a matter of fact, staying indoors can affect your skin in several ways. Therefore, this is what we recommend:
Staying home means a big change in routines, including your diet and environmental conditions that can bring dryness, lack of vitamin D and changes in sleeping habits, among other things that can affect your skin.
Another important issue is the stress of staying home and the anxiety of solving problems and duties, the sensation of loneliness or the frictions with the people you are at home with. Self-control and the use of technology are useful to lower this stress.
In terms of eating, use green vegetables, fruits with antioxidants, like blackberries and cranberries, fish and chicken breasts. Avoid dairy as much as possible.
Water is key: wash your hands many times a day, and drink a lot of it to stay hydrated. Stress can bring acne, but water helps to avoid it.
You must also avoid drinking too much alcohol, as it can accelerate aging and provoke breakouts. Moderation is always important.
Do exercise at home, to maintain blood flow and body oxygenation up. The benefits will be seen on your face.
Sleep well and do it between seven and nine hours. A home office can be more demanding than you may think, so the balance of work, recreation and sleep are priceless. Do not let work take more time than it is really required.
Very important: avoid touching your face, especially your mouth nose and eyes. Coronavirus enters easily that way, and also through ears. Remember: washing your hands very often is necessary, and, by the way, do it with a soap indicated for hands, so they do not get dry, if possible. But if they do, health is more important than softness right now.
You can apply masks for your face, but you have to wash it well afterward. Moist surfaces are favorable to coronavirus and we want it away.
Please keep in mind that, if you leave home for any reason, you must wash your clothes, disinfect your shoes and take a thorough shower with hot water right away. Coronavirus can be anywhere and it is especially easy to come down with it.
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