Post-surgery benefits of girdles

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One of the therapeutical uses of girdles is to help patients to recover after surgery. There are several options that are important to know, as any person may need them in certain moments of life,

After having a baby or an aesthetic surgery (liposuction, abdominoplasty, dermolipectomy) among other surgeries, an adequate girdle is a great therapeutical aid. Just like a band helps in affections such as a sprain or a dislocation, the use of a post-surgical girdle brings very important benefits, not only reducing the physical trauma of the surgery but accelerating the patient´s recovery.

Among the benefits of post-surgical girdles, we can mention:

Reduction of inflammation

A less bruised look

Reduction of pain

A correct body position

Reduction of flaccidity

Recovery of damaged tissues

As it can be seen, girdles work beyond aesthetic purposes.

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