Mummy Makeover

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In a woman’s life journey, motherhood is perhaps one of the most important transformational experiences – for many, it is the essence of what it means to be female. For all of the challenges and difficulties that raising a child entails, nothing can compare to holding that beautiful baby in your arms and feeling its pure innocence, warmth, and wide-eyed wonderment.

But when mommy takes some time off to have a baby, she must often return to the workforce, which is competitive and places a premium on youth and attractiveness.

The fact is, childbirth is a major ordeal, and so is nursing – and they both leave their mark on mommy’s body. After her baby is born, abdominal muscles are stretched, weight is often difficult to lose, and breasts may droop or sag. Nowadays, women have become empowered thanks to the tools of modern medicine, and the mommy makeover has fast become a very popular option for mothers wishing to get back their pre-pregnancy good looks.

Laser, skin tightening and lifting, exosomes, and body contouring options, such as vanquish, ultrasonic radio-frequency to make you look slimmer, and cellulitis treatments, are the greatest and less invasive options you can get. Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lift are available as well, but with high costs in money and time of convalescence.

In the specific case of laser skin treatments, when your skin is affected by pregnancy and childbirth, there are usually stretch marks, skin hyperpigmentation, blotchiness, and acne breakouts, which can appear due to hormonal changes. There are also vascular lesions such as ” spider veins”. Laser treatments are available for all of these conditions and, complemented with RD Laser Skin Solutions´ multiple possibilities, you will look even prettier than before you had that wonderful experience of becoming a mom.

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