10 tips you should know about Vanquish ME

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VANQUISH ME is known as liposuction without surgery, selective radiofrequency:

1- It is Czech medical technology.

2- With selective radiofrequency, it destroys adipose tissue; through heat and sound waves.

3- It is not a belt with electrodes, that is a lipo laser and it is different.

4- Vanquish does not touch the skin, there is a plate that conducts electricity (radio frequency) that destroys adipose tissue. There are 2 applicators that are placed close to the area to be treated (1 or 2 cm away):
-Abdomen and sides
-Arms and thighs

5- The areas that can be treated are: abdomen, sides, arm, and thigh
-The abdominal and lateral session lasts 45min.
-Arms and thighs, 35 min.

6- To see greater results, 4 weekly sessions are recommended.

7- It does not hurt, at times you can feel very hot, and the doctor who is operating the equipment adjusts it.

8- There should always be a doctor next door.

9- The big difference between vanquish and other radio frequencies is that VANQUISH is a selective radio frequency that ONLY ATTACKS ADIPOSE TISSUE and destroys fat cells!

10 It cannot be used by patients with pacemakers or with surgeries in which titanium or metal plates have been placed because they can overheat the area and create ulcers.

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