Photo by @chanelpluscat via Twenty20

Our faces and our wrinkles are the ones that face the world. Our facial features are what identify us. A face is what everyone sees and makes their determination about how we are perceived. That is why we all want to look and stay as young as possible.

People in the public eye – actors, actresses, and public figures – receive cosmetic procedures. These procedures are done because they make a living with their faces. But more and more, people who are not in the public attention center are opting for facial rejuvenation procedures. The reasons vary, but there is no doubt that more people who are not in the public eye are opting for these options.
Often, a particular event causes people to rush to see a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Sometimes an inconsiderate comment from a co-worker or seeing their faces in direct sunlight can trigger that first visit. Who would believe … Twenty-year graduate meetings are often a contributing factor!
Call them “character lines” if it makes you feel better, but they are still wrinkles. Do other older people have no wrinkles? We do not like wrinkles. They can give other faces character, but they never look good on our own faces.
We can practice good skincare. We can follow all the good skincare practices we have heard, such as using sunscreen every time we are outdoors, but wrinkles can form, and they do. By seeking the help of dermatologists or plastic surgeons, we can stay younger than our true chronological era for longer. Facial rejuvenation procedures were once considered only by the very rich, but it has become a common practice today among many more people.
Each of us has his own reasons for seeking facial rejuvenation procedures, and all of them are valid.
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