​Inconsistencies in microdermabrasion regulation

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Microdermabrasion, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure developed in Italy in 1985, has long been proclaimed as a revolutionary skincare technique. During this procedure, a microdermabrasion machine is used to spray small crystals of abrasive material, usually aluminum oxide, on the face. The crystals exfoliate dead skin cells and then aspirate.

It is up to each state to establish its own regulations and determine the microdermabrasion training requirements. In states where they are less strict, this possibility becomes more likely.

State requirements for the administration and training of microdermabrasion: In South Carolina, for example, a spa professional trained in microdermabrasion can only perform the procedure under the supervision of a physician. In California, meanwhile, anyone who is certified after 12 hours of training can do so.

Colorado requires 14 hours of microdermabrasion training in a vocational school. The state of Florida allows the procedure to be performed by spa professionals only on the head, neck, and scalp. Some states have no regulations at all, leaving individual spas and microdermabrasion machine manufacturers to train technicians themselves.

Even when there are legal regulations, the course requirements vary so much from one state to another, so it is difficult to guess how well, or how badly, a technician may have been trained. Well-respected organizations of estheticians, such as the National Coalition of Aesthetic and Related Associations (NCEA) have long declared that they would like to implement a unified standard of microdermabrasion training, but given the current state of dispersed regulations, this could be a process Long and hard. Until they succeed and the microdermabrasion training becomes more uniform, it would be wise for individual consumers to do their research before undergoing the procedure.

The future of microdermabrasion

What is the future behind this incredible skin exfoliating technique?

Just as the need for skincare increases between both sexes, technology must also change with it, which means that the future of microdermabrasion looks good. This relatively new form of skincare has quickly become one of the main ways for men and women to create beautiful looking skin with a more permanent effect than what other methods are providing.

Some experts believe that the future of microdermabrasion will involve a number of other methods that are used together with it, to help increase the likelihood of obtaining a much more lasting effect. If this is the case, then it may be likely that the need for commercial scrub creams will be void in the future.

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