​Face Creams for Wrinkles

Photo by @aleeenot via Twenty20

There are 
face creams for wrinkles for preventing or alleviating that are prescribed by dermatologists every day and there’s an entire aisle at all drug stores and discount department stores dedicated to the over-the-counter versions of the prescription creams.

Prescription and over-the-counter anti-wrinkle products often have identical active ingredients. The difference is that there are just less of the active ingredients in the over-the-counter versions. That means that the over-the-counter versions are less effective. That’s not to say they aren’t effective at all. You’ll just have to use the over-the-counter versions longer before you see any effects — if you ever see any effects. So far there’s no magic wrinkle-preventing or curing face cream out there by prescription, over-the-counter OR on the black market.
Prescription medications for combating facial wrinkles must undergo rigorous testing, and they must be approved by the FDA as a prescription medication. But over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams are classified as a cosmetic and are tested only for safety by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) — there are no requirements that the creams be effective.
What you pay for over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams has no bearing on the level of effectiveness. Cost and effectiveness are completely unrelated. A very expensive anti-wrinkle cream can be far less effective than a very inexpensive one. Name brand and advertising are what determine cost — not whether the product actually works or not.
Almost all over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams direct that they be applied at least twice a day every day over a span of several weeks before there is any promised noticeable improvement. What the labels don’t tell you is that as soon as you discontinue use of the product, your skin will return to its pretreated condition.
Research does tell us that the ingredients in some prescription and over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams can diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
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