Problems of Feet and their Care

Photo Credit: By Burst on Pexels. CC0 License

1. Blisters

Footwear that pinches you, will give you blisters. You should not wear loose shoes either, since constant rubbing can also give rise to blisters.


Till the blisters has dried, do not wear the same shoe.

Do not try to puncture the blister yourself, as your can infect your skin

Use a good talcum powder and keep the blister dry while going out.

When at home, apply an antiseptic cream over the blister.

2. Corns

One is likely to get corns at places where one gets blisters. If the same defective shoe is being worn repeatedly, you will develop corns.


Change your shoes( foot wear) frequently.

The best remedy is to leave corns alone and scrub them hard. with a pumice-stone and massage after that ñ If the corns are too painful, consult your doctor.

3. Sweaty toes

There can pose a lot of problems. If you wear shoes, they always tend to get loose and acquired a peculiar odor.


Avoid wearing closed shoes altogether.

Wash your feet with cold water often.

Use a skin astringent on the soles of your feet.

4. Enlarged veins

This generally occurs when one has to stand a lot and sometimes because of wearing very high heels.


Don’t wear very tight shoes.

Give yourself a little rest during the day by taking off your shoes and resting your toes higher than the level of your head.

5. Cracked heels

Lack of moisture and oil can bring about such a condition.


Use glycerin and oil to massage your feet once a week.

Use a good moisturizer daily.

6. Cracked nails

This happens due to neglect of the toenail and also if the health in general is not good.


Include plenty of vitamins in your daily diet.

Massage the toenails with a rich nourishing cream daily.

Do not use a dry nail polish

7. Swollen feet

This results if one is net used to sitting or standing for too long, with feet hanging down and rather right shoes.


Wash your feet with soap and hot water and apply Eau-de-Cologne on them.

Avoid sitting with your legs hanging down for too long.

Lie down with the feet higher than your head as often as possible.

8. Bunions

These are caused due to certain pressure of the shoes on the toes. It is difficult to get rid of bunions so it is best to avoid them. When buying shoes, look for comfort rather than style.

9. Fungal infection

Feet are more prone to such infections because fungus thrives in a moist and airless atmosphere, where the sun does not reach.


Switch over to open shoes or sandals without socks

Use any anti-fungal cream, especially between the toes, which is the breeding place for infection.



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