Organic cosmetics: this is what you need to know

Given the concern generated by chemicals that can harm the body and the environment, current cosmetics tend towards the natural. Women look for products made from natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. This is how organic cosmetics have been taking prevalence.

The tendency to use organic products is usually linked to food and extended to cosmetics and skin care. Those who have jumped on the natural bandwagon use organic products as part of their way of life. The products are found in health stores and spas across the country, and 95% organic shampoos, essential oil and herbal soaps are selling like hotcakes. But the question remains: are organic cosmetics what they appear to be?

The answer depends on your choice when it comes to makeup and beauty products. Some claim to be of natural origin, but would not survive any examination. There are also, of course, brands that truly offer them. How do you know which ones are real and which ones are pure marketing ploy?

The real ones

They have no harsh ingredients or synthetic substances. They are ideally made from herbs and essential oils easily found in nature. Even the crops of these elements have not been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Most beauty treatments are made from essential oils, but they often have harmful additives. A percentage of natural plants does not mean that a product is organic.

Why organic?

There have been a number of reports of carcinogenic components in the ingredients of many products. Since the skin is absorbent, these components can get into the blood and harm the body. Taking care of your health is not reduced to diet, but to everything related to your lifestyle and consumption. The natural is the best way to guarantee your well-being and avoid allergies and health problems. Even a small amount of chemicals can alter your body and cause harm.

On the other hand, organic beauty products are becoming popular because they have many benefits that conventional ones do not. The continuous use of synthetic chemicals leads to the accumulation of these substances in your body. Organic prevents this problem.

How to find organic products

It’s easy to fall for trends when there are so many options on the market. Some brands try to sell their products with chemicals by simply highlighting the few organic ingredients they have mixed in. You have to read the labels and avoid those with synthetic chemicals.

The problem is that in the United States there is no authority that regulates whether or not a product is organic. There are no restrictions in this regard, so it is up to the consumer to choose well.

The best thing to do is read labels and learn about the ingredients listed. Synthetics are usually in low quantities and appear towards the bottom of the list.

It’s also good to have a trusted brand. Before buying something, research the most recommended brands in the market. On the internet and in specialized magazines you will find good data to start with.

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